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December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Tyre Care

Tyres are the part of your vehicle exterior that takes the worst beating—having to contend with dirt from the road as well as brake dust. Then you have to consider the natural break down of the tyre over time, which causes a chalky film over the surface. Your car care routine should involve the regular tyre care to keep them looking better for longer. A good scrub down with a firm brush, like Mothers® Tire Brush, once you’ve finished washing the rest of the vehicle is usually enough to get the worst of it. However, sometimes the dirt and grime on tyres are a little too stubborn for a simple hose down and some elbow grease. With Mothers® range of dedicated cleaners for tyres we’ve taken the grunt out of the work, so you can easily and effectively breathe new life into tired tyre dressings.

If you are using a spray-on like Mothers® foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner, it’s a good idea to apply and hose it off before washing the rest of the vehicle. Chemicals in tyre cleaning products can be very strong, so always keep an eye on the clock to avoid leaving it on for too long. Always double rinse the tyre cleaner to prevent having to deal with leftover muck splashing onto your clean car.

Note: Only use on original equipment manufactured (OEM) wheels, not aftermarket surfaces, like billet and anodized, polished aluminium.

Sometimes it won’t be possible to take a hose and spray down your grimy tyres – water restrictions and environments like apartment blocks make it difficult to maintain a good tyre cleaning routine. Now with Mothers® Back-to-Black Tire Renew you have a waterless tyre cleaning solution. Simply spray it on the sidewall, wait a few seconds, and wipe clean. The most stubborn road dirt and grime, as well as old dressings are no match for this little beast. And unlike the foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner which is a strong agent that can only be used on particular materials, Tire Renew is safe to use on almost any surface.


Always make use of wheel and tyre cleaners for the specific types of tyres they are intended. Motorcycles are very different to four-wheeled vehicles and have a different relationship with their tyres because of it. Tyre care products formulated specifically for motorcycles won’t leave behind a slippery residue that could compromise the rider’s safety on the road.