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December 19, 2017
Paint Prep and Wax
December 19, 2017

Suds and Soaps

Car wash products – soaps in particular – are often judged by the size of their suds. There is something that is just so satisfying about dunking your hand into millions of bubbles and then spreading them all over your car. However, the not-so-satisfying truth of the matter is that suds have nothing to do with the cleaning power of your soap. And if you need proof all you have to do is check out what our range of waterless car wash products can do – not a sud in sight, and still a perfect clean. So although dishwashing detergent – a popular alternative for many – looks all soapy and good going on, it does more harm than you know. Kitchen cleaners are specifically formulated to cut through wax and grease – two elements any car lover would want to keep intact. Dedicated car wash equipment and products like Mothers® Carnauba Wash & Wax, are specially designed to gently clean your vehicle, lifting dirt and grime without damaging any coatings or stripping grease from exposed joints.

Car cleaning equipment and products are intentionally mild so that they can be used frequently without destroying your vehicle’s exterior. The engineering behind Mothers® car wash range allows you to mix a stronger solution if you’re facing particularly stubborn grime and dirt, and you won’t have to worry about destroying your car’s coating at all. The added Carnauba in some of our washes and car wax products guarantees that showroom shine many cheaper washes – and especially kitchen detergents – can’t achieve.
Detail Tip

Removing Wax

Mothers® California Gold® Pure Polish or the clay bar is perfect for removing wax from auto paint without causing any damage. A cleaner wax like our Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax is another option, although these tend to leave behind a protective coating.