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February 9, 2018
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February 19, 2018

Rubber & Plastic | Exterior Trim Care

There are a few good solutions to cleaning and restoring trim, with products formulated specifically for either rubber or hard plastic. This is a case that calls for more than regular car wash products. Mothers® Back-to- Black Trim Restorer is an “all-in- one” cleaner perfect for plastic and vinyl trims, and mild enough for regular applications to keep smooth or textured plastic looking good. If your trim is pretty clean but you’re looking for a high quality protection to keep it that way, then Mothers® Protectant, which has a more lasting effect than the cleaner.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Your exterior trim takes a lot of abuse from the elements. Dirt, grime, harsh rays from the sun – they all wear the plastic down. The damage is often too much for your usual car cleaning equipment to handle. Something more aggressive, like Mothers® Back-to- Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner, is what you’ll need.

Once your trim is free from dirt and dust, take a firm brush like the one included in the Trim Cleaner Kit, and apply some cleaner to it.
Using a back-and- forth overlapping motion, brush the trim. You can give some pressure, but not too much or you might end up scratching the plastic.

Make use of a good quality car cleaning cloth to wipe away excess cleaner. If the trim looks clean and restored, you can go ahead and apply a trim protectant, which will keep it looking that way for longer. If it doesn’t yet look fresh and renewed, then repeat the cleaning process before the protectant.

Maintaining the Trim

When heavy duty cleaning isn’t necessary, regular touch ups can go a long way. Although stand- alone products pack more of a punch, an all-in- one cleaner and protectant is perfect for maintenance purposes.

Apply product to a clean microfiber towel or applicator, and then massage it into the plastic trim. By applying product to the cloth first, you have more control over where it goes, even if you’re using a spray bottle.
When massaging product into trim, try for even distribution. Give it time to set in before buffing off the excess.

For larger trim sections, like kick panels, grills, and windshield cowls, using a spray product makes light work of it. Remember to buff any excess to avoid streaks, and wipe down surrounding areas that might have come into contact with the spray.

Detail Tip
A regular plastic polish treatment using a high quality product, like Mothers® Plastic Polish, will prevent scratches, stains, and yellowing on your clear and colored plastic.