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Tyre Care
December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Protecting Tires and Ensuring Longevity

Tires take a beating – from the weather, from the road, the environment… Regular cleaning with a good quality tire cleaner will ensure your tires last longer and look better, which not only works out for the overall look of your vehicle, but keeps you safe as well. By applying a tire dressing like our Back-to-Black® Tire Shine or Speed Tire Shine® your treads will look all glossy and new, and also be protected against fading, browning, cracking, etc. Remember to apply the dressing only after the tires have been cleaned and had sufficient time to dry completely.

Specific Tire Care Cases

  • So you don’t get take your vehicle out on the road all that much and most of the time she’s stored in a garage. Tire care doesn’t have to be that intense in this case. Regular cleaning with a good tire cleaning product, like our Back-to-Black® Tire Renew is ample to keep them in good shape. All browning will be removed, and the surface of the tires will be left a healthy-looking matte black.
  • For vehicles that see the road more often, that dull and worn tire look is more common. In order to restore that showroom tire shine, use our Speed Tire Shine® or Back-to-Black® Tire Shine for a black gloss effect that lasts longer.

It’s common practice to spray on tire dressings and work from there, but Mothers® experts have found that applying the product directly to your cloth or applicator, and then buffing it into the tire works best for efficiency as well as efficacy. You heard it here first.

The final look of your tires comes down to the application and removal of your tire dressing. For a high gloss, showroom shine, simply leave on the Mothers® tire shine product after application. If you’re in the mood for a little elbow grease, buffing it out will provide an even, smooth glow.