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Our comprehensive range of products, from car wax to microfiber cloths, provide top quality total care for your car from top to bottom, inside and out.

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California Gold

The pride of Mothers®, California Gold is a range of high-end products specifically designed to provide the best in paint care. Some of the more popular products in this range include our rich Carnauba waxes, instant detailer, and our famous clay bar.

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Mothers Classic

Our Classic line features products formulated to maintain and protect the finishes on your car. From leather to carpets, and plastic to chrome—this progressive range was crafted with quality in mind.

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A line of products and tools exclusively designed for consumer machine applications. Now you too can achieve an expert finish in your own garage.

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A range specially formulated to give you top-quality results faster and more efficiently than any other brand. Leave every surface and detail of your car gleaming. Think maximum results, less elbow grease.

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Salt spray, minerals, and the sun all take their toll on sea-faring vessels. Our Marine range is designed to be effective in the protection and maintenance of your vessel when it comes to harsh ocean conditions.

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Care for your car from top to bottom, inside and out, with our comprehensive Accessories line. From detail brushes to micro-fiber towels—a complete range of accessories that meets all your care requirements.

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A collection of polishes formulated for application in all types of refinishing, whether it be prepping a new car, or removing scratches and oxidation. Professional detailers can fix any imperfection with our Professional Refinishing System.

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