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January 11, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Mechanized Polishing

Mothers® PowerCone®, PowerBall®, PowerBall® Mini takes the schlep work out of polishing your wheels. Although the results might make you believe it’s something out of a Bond film, this device is really simple – a foam-fingered head for polishing, fixed to a shaft that fits onto your average variable speed cordless drill. This tool works best when used at low drill speeds, with Mothers® Metal Polish.

Once the PowerCone® is attached to your drill, apply the polish to the foam head. When using a liquid, a dollop is a good amount, and for paste polishes, you can simply rub it into the foam using your fingers.

Use a slow drill speed when starting, and gradually increase the speed as you go. The initial slow speed not only reduces the chance of polish splattering all over, but it gives you a chance to get comfortable using the PowerCone. Be careful to keep mild pressure, controlling the drill so as not to overpower the polishing process. The closed-cell foam of the PowerBall is specially designed to get into hard-to-reach spaces. Once the entire wheel is done, use a clean microfiber towel to buff the polish away.Detail Tip
Metal polish should be buffed while it’s still wet. Work in small sections to ensure polish doesn’t dry completely before you get to it. If it does happen, simply wet it with some more polish and then buff it clean.

Chrome and Roughcast Metal Wheels

Chrome and Roughcast Metal requires stronger cleaning agents, like Mothers Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner. This powerful agent will cause damage to wheels that are clear-coated or painted, so it’s best to make sure that you’re dealing with chrome or roughcast metal before applying it. And even then, you should be ready to rinse it off less than a minute after you’ve applied it. This is the real deal, serious business, super-cleaning attack for your wheels, and every effort is entirely worth it.

Important: Don’t leave Chrome Wheel Cleaner residue on your skin for too long. Wash hands as soon as you can.

Detail Tip
Chrome is best polished by hand. In order to preserve its natural state of awesome, avoid using any kind of power tools, and this includes our own PowerBall.

When you’ve finished cleaning your chrome wheels and they’ve had a chance to dry completely, you can then apply a good quality chrome polish, like Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish. Rub the polish in working in small sections until it dries to form a filmy haze, then buff clean off. This process can be repeated as often as required. Polishing isn’t necessary for roughcast wheels, they’re good to go after a deep clean.

Pro Polishing Tip

Real Chrome Polish should be used on real chrome wheels. But when your wheels are chrome-clad, or PVD (that looks like chrome but isn’t) it’s best to use Mothers All-Chrome Cleaner, which is specifically formulated to be gentler on all types of chrome, and won’t damage your wheels.