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December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Leather Care

Leather has been part and parcel of vehicle interiors for as long as autos themselves have been around. There’s very little that compares to that feeling of sinking into a luxurious, supple seat and having that signature aroma envelope you as you drive off in your new wheels. Over time though, wear and tear diminishes that effect. Luckily you have the Mothers® experts (and expert car wash equipment) to help with the proper care and maintenance that will keep your leather looking and feeling great for longer.

Regular Conditioning

It’s natural that cleaning be your first thought when considering the detailing of your vehicle, but when detailing leather - conditioning always trumps cleaning. Caring for leather, a naturally durable fabric, requires a whole new set of rules when it’s found inside a car. Here it’s subjected to an array of factors that wear it down, of which heat and sunlight are the main antagonists. It’s not good enough to simply get a car seat cleaner. Leather’s natural oils and preservatives are what keeps it looking and feeling good, and these must be regularly replenished in order to maintain its durability. A good conditioner, like our Leather Cream® Moisture-Rich Conditioner, or a combination of cleaner and conditioner will do the trick.

  • Leather conditioner is easy to apply and can be used more frequently than with every cleaning.
  • Leather care products are good for your skin, so feel free to use your hands and get in there while applying the conditioner.
  • Leather is a very particular fabric. Be sure to test new interior car wash products on a hidden area before applying, and follow all instructions closely.

Pro Tips to Application

  • Work conditioner into leather with an applicator/microfiber cloth by using a gentle circular motion.
  • Work slowly in small sections to ensure the conditioner gets into the folds and seams.
  • Use a clean microfiber towel (Microfiber Ultra-Soft Polishing Cloth) to buff the surface before conditioner dries.
  • Repeat as needed, think of it as several small “cleaning attacks” instead of one big battle.