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If you leave dust to settle in your vehicle it will become sticky over time and much harder to remove. Using a brush with soft bristles, like the Mothers® Detail Brush is perfect for loosening stubborn dirt in nooks and crannies. Take your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool to make quick work of removing the dirt after.


A good brush and vacuum are your staples when it comes to interior cleaning for your vehicle. Start with a brush down to loosen dust and dirt on the seats, floor, vents, cargo area and dash. Our Carpet & Upholstery Brush will make quick work of this process, and you can use our smaller Detail Brush for those hard-to-reach places. Once you’ve finished, grab the vacuum and go crazy.

For carpets and other fabrics that are beyond the help of your trusty vac, specialized cleaners like Mothers® Carpet & Upholstery cleaner releases the grime that has bonded with the fabric over time, making it easier to then clean.

Pro tips from our Mothers® pros:

  • Some parts of your vehicle’s interior are more delicate than others and extra care should be taken when cleaning
  • Delicate parts like the roof liner only needs to be brushed down, not vacuumed
  • If you are having trouble reaching deep inside the vents, a soft bristle paintbrush will do the trick
  • Vacuuming tends to create dust, so be sure to finish up before moving on to the exterior

Apply cleaner to surface.

Work treated area briskly with a microfiber car cleaning cloth or brush, taking care to vary your scrubbing direction to make sure you get all sides of the dirty fibers. Note: Be careful when cleaning detail work in upholstery and other fabrics so as not to cause any damage.

Heavily stained carpets will require several treatments to achieve cleanliness. Just keep calm and brush on.
Pro tips from our Mothers® pros:

  • Always wait until interior cleaning agents have dried completely before vacuuming
  • Only use microfiber or terry cleaning cloths on delicate materials
  • Just before fabrics are completely dry, brush surfaces so they fall in one direction and look neat

Take proper care when choosing cleaning products for your vehicle’s interior. The materials are so varied, and some rather delicate, that using the appropriate cleaner is of utmost importance in order to prevent irreversible damage. Our car cleaning products for interiors have been specially formulated to be gentle yet effective in their work.

We know you know the feeling of a spot or stain jumping out at you and punching you in the face. However, when it comes to cleaning, be sure to clean entire surfaces to avoid spot focus leaving one area cleaner or lighter than the rest.