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March 13, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Hubcaps | Paint & Clear Coat

Hubcaps with painted or clear coats are generally easy to maintain, since cleaning involves the same process you would use on the bodywork of your vehicle. Using a gentle but effective cleaner, like Mothers® Foaming Tire Wheel Cleaner, will ensure you cut through all the brake dust and grime that builds up on those hubs. By this time we’re assuming you’ve got your car wash equipment handy, and a clean wash mitt and soft-bristle brush will be your best friends. Once you’ve soaped up the hubcaps, rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber towel. If you haven’t cleaned your wheels in a while, you might need to repeat this process once or twice, depending on the level of dirt caked onto the paint. When you’ve finished, apply a layer of good quality sealant for a longer lasting finish. Mothers® Plastic Polish is perfect for this.
Detail Tip:

How to check if your hubcaps are painted or clear coated?

If you are unsure whether your hubcaps are coated or not, you can do a spot test with Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish. Using a clean applicator pad, apply a small dab of polish to an inconspicuous part of the hubcap and rub gently. If the applicator pad comes away with a black spot, it means you’re dealing with a clear coat or painted hubcap. Be sure to remove the polish from the hubcap quickly, because it’s not suited to these surfaces.

Sealing Your Hubcaps

Mothers® Synthetic Wax or Plastic Polish is all you need in your sealing arsenal to achieve a killer shine and protection on your newly cleaned hubcaps. Since the paint or clear coat is much the same as that on the rest of your vehicle, polishing or waxing will involve the same process you would use when sealing your bodywork. Spray-on waxes are convenient and make quick work of it. Simply spray some wax on a clean applicator pad and apply it to the hubcap, working in small circles. Once the haze forms, wipe away with a microfiber towel to reveal that shine you’re after. Working in sections will prevent the wax or polish drying on you, in which case you will need to apply more of the car wax product to remove it.