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Our Detail Guide and How-To videos will ensure you get the best results from your Mothers® products with every application.


Mothers® range of products are specifically designed to enhance ease-of-use and simple application. This guide covers everything from the most straightforward task to the most challenging and will have you feeling like a car care specialist in a matter of minutes.

Interior Care

With so many surfaces to care for—leather, vinyl, plastic, glass—there is often confusion about how best to clean and preen your interior. Our expert guide will help you navigate the various scenarios with ease.

Car Washing

A good old-fashioned hand wash has always been the best way to clean your car. Here we will talk you through the most efficient and effective ways to get your car looking great from top to bottom.

Tyre Care

Your tires bear the scars of all your travels—be it dirt, dust, or snow—much more than what a little rain can wash away. Tires require proper care to ensure longevity and reliability.

Wheel Care

All wheels may be round and shiny, but different kinds (aftermarket or specialty OEM) require different methods of care. It’s important to know what kind of wheels you have because manufacturers often dictate optimum care regimes for them.

Paint Prep & Wax

Clean, clarify and protect. Paint care is as simple as that. Toss out the confusing jumble of coat types, contaminants, and scratches. All you need is this guide and our products, and that showroom finish is all yours.

Exterior Care

The outside of your car is lambasted daily by weather conditions ranging from extreme sun to freezing. You can counteract these effects on your exterior with our helpful guide to restoring and protecting your car.


Car care problem got you stumped?
Not anymore, it doesn’t. We’ve put together this list of popular questions,
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