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December 19, 2017
Polished Aluminum Wheels
December 19, 2017

Factory Painted and Clear Coated Wheels

Remember to spray on any wheel cleaning product only once the surface is cool to the touch. When spraying, be sure to coat the entire surface of the wheel.

A product like our Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner should be left for no longer than 30 seconds – that’s all it needs to do the work.

Use a steady stream of water when hosing off the soap and don’t be shy about it either. Traces of wheel cleaner left behind can end up damaging shiny surfaces. Be thorough in your rinse job – taking care to rinse all outside as well as inside areas, and not forgetting the wheel wells and brake calipers.

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Clean, Wash, Polish, Coat

Top to bottom – this is the easiest order to follow when washing your vehicle. Any specialized cleaning jobs to the wheels and tires should be taken care of before you wash the entire vehicle. This means the wheels will get a double rinse – once after the special cleanse, and again while washing the rest of the vehicle. When your vehicle is completely dry you can go ahead with the polish protection for your wheels.

A certain amount of care is needed when cleaning your wheels. A good quality aluminum wheel cleaner or polish product packs a mighty punch, especially with Mothers®, and shouldn’t be left to dry on your wheels. Follow the application instructions carefully and always have a hose at the ready for a thorough rinse when the allotted time has passed. If for some reason you find the product has dried, reapply another layer and then wipe it off quickly, following with a hose rinse just to be sure.

Axle grease and brake dust are two substances that are infuriatingly good at staining your vehicle’s wheels. Sometimes they’re so good at it that regular wheel cleaners simply don’t stand a chance. For heavily stained painted and clear coated wheels, Mothers® Plastic Polish, Synthetic Wax, or Carnauba Cleaner Wax are good options. The famous Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish or our chrome cleaner are metal polishes ideal for wheels that are not clear coated.
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Clear Coat or Metal?

A simple spot test is all you need to tell whether your wheels are open metal (like aluminum) or coated. Take a small amount of Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish on a soft cloth and rub it onto a hidden area. If the cloth comes back with a black smudge, you’re dealing with open metal. If the cloth comes back clean, stop immediately and rinse the polish off the wheel. Only car soap or a mild wheel cleaner should be used on clear coated wheels.