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March 13, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Exterior Glass Care

When it comes to caring for your exterior glass, using good quality car cleaning equipment and wash products is half your battle won. Pro tips, like steering clear from ammonia-based cleaners and using lint-free towels are the other half of your battle. It’s really that simple.

What You Need

Ammonia is harsh on window tints, and that’s why a cleaner like Mothers® Glass & Screen is a safe bet. Free from ammonia, and formulated to be gentle yet effective, this cleaner makes easy work of glass care with no harmful effects on delicate trim and other surfaces.

Always use a clean cotton or microfiber car cleaning cloth, applying the cleaner directly to the cloth and then cleaning the glass. If you choose to apply the cleaner to the glass, then do so in limited amounts because over-application will cause build-up and smudging. It also makes it easier for you to do a proper job, without feeling rushed by the quickly drying product.

Pro Tip:

Working in small sections, rotate cleaning cloths regularly to prevent unsightly streaking.

Restoring Glass

Water spots are common on glass surfaces, like windshields and mirrors. They can be easily removed with Mothers® Water Spot Remover or Chrome Polish. The super fine polishing compounds in both these products are effective in reducing or completely eradicating unappealing water spots and the white muck that usually builds up around them. They also cut through the ugly patterns left behind by wiper blades, leaving you with a spotless finish and shine.

Since dirt and grime shows up more prominently on glass finishes, they need to be cleaned more regularly if you want to keep them looking their best. Mothers® car cleaning products are fortunately gentle enough for frequent use, and a good stock of towels or wash mitts will never do you any harm.

Pro Tip:

Polish shouldn’t come into contact with rubber trim, as it causes a white residue. Use painter’s tape to mark off those areas, or apply a vinyl dressing that can be easily wiped clean after.