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September 5, 2018
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October 23, 2018

A Driver’s Guide to Maintaining a Sleek Ride

It’s easy to love your car when it’s looking and performing at its best, and keeping it that way doesn’t have to cost the sun or take up all your time. As long as you consider technique and quality car cleaning equipment, you’ll be well on your way to giving your ride the love it deserves. And sure, we know soap and water can do the job just fine. But we also know car lovers, and they want so much more than ‘just fine’. They avoid car washes, grey water, and grimy cloths. They take extra care. Because a car lover knows that for increased protection and a gleaming finish that’s sure to turn heads, you’ll need a Mothers touch.

Washing Your Pride & Joy

1. Know what you’re dealing with.

The condition of your vehicle will determine your plan of action. New cars require nothing more than regular wash and wax maintenance since they already have a good wax coat. However, older or neglected vehicles will need a deep clean and car polish too.

2. Always rinse first.

Rinsing gets rid of loose grit and dirt that could end up scratching the paint during a wash. Get your car to a shady place, and spray it down with clean water.

3. Soap up.

And not with dishwashing detergent! Household cleaners are extremely corrosive and strip the paint of all its protection. Mothers California Gold Car Wash has been specifically formulated to pack power in the clean, but remain gentle to your car’s exterior coating.

4. The finer details.

After a wash, you’ll be able to see all the inlaid grit that washing can’t remove. Scratches, oxidation in the paint, and tree sap are some examples that would require more attention. Mothers California Gold Clay Bar is a pro at removing embedded contaminants without being overly aggressive on your paint. Knead the bar into a flat shape, and run it over the paint surface using our Spray Detailer as a lubricant.

5. Polish time.

Polishing is optional, but recommended for paint exteriors that need a little more love. You can apply your car polish by hand with an applicator, or power tool. The choice is yours. Mothers California Gold Pure Polish is engineered to remove stubborn contaminants and restore your paint’s sheen with ease.

6. Now your car’s ready for its wax close-up.

Wax is how you protect the paint from harmful UV rays that cause fading, and it makes the removal of future dirt a breeze. Mothers Reflections Car Wax sets the bar high when it comes to quality car wax products. Using the latest in liquid polymer technology, you’re guaranteed a perfect high-gloss finish with every use. Apply by hand, and work in sections with a clean microfiber cloth or applicator.

7. The Devil's in the details.

Once you’ve put in the elbow grease of cleaning and protecting your paint, you can finish off with Mothers Professional Instant Detailer spray. Safe for all paint-types, our spray detailer produces a professional showroom shine even when using at home.

8. Move on to the windows.

Once again, steer clear from ammonia-based household cleaners which tend to damage car windows. Window cleaners for cars give best results. Be sure to wipe down twice to ensure all the cleaner is removed and maximize shine.

9. Finish off with the wheels.

What you want in wheel cleaner is a quality product that is tough on grime but won’t cause damage. Our Aluminum Wheel Cleaner should be applied with a soft-bristle brush to protect your hands, taking care to keep the product from splattering onto other surfaces. Leave on for 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly. Once wheels are dry, use our popular Mag & Aluminum Polish to work up a real shine.
Being the owner of a primed and gleaming ride is every car enthusiast’s greatest pride. And with Mothers you’re guaranteed the best results without breaking the budget or giving up too much of your time. In fact, we’re so dedicated to packing our products with speed as well as power that our entire range seeks to bring a professional finish to the comfort of your own garage. No more leaving your pride and joy in the hands of a stranger in a body shop. Now you can have total control when it comes to maintaining the condition of your car’s paint work. We’ve got something for everyone - The Mothers Power range focuses on polish and wax for machine use, our Speed products are for those car lovers who are looking for the best results in record time, and our Professional collection of polish and detailers is designed for pro refinishing without the need for a pro body shop. You see, we love your car just as much as you do, and the way we show that love is through quality products specially formulated to suit any vehicle requirements, while exceeding the expectations of any car lover. Car cleaning and polishing has never been this simple, and having passion for your ride has never been this rewarding. Take a closer look at the power packed into the full Mothers range of car wash, polish, and wax products to find the right cleaning solution for you.