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January 11, 2018
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January 12, 2018


Automotive clay is a warrior when it comes to fighting the battle of microscopic gunk that destroys your vehicle’s exterior paint job. Very fine splintery particles of dust, glass, and metal are found in the air, and these miniscule monsters embed themselves in the paint of your vehicle. Regular car wash products aren’t enough to get rid of them, and that is why a clay job is your best bet. Advocating the use of clay since the 90s, Mothers® is somewhat of an authority on the subject. Our California Gold® Clay Kit and Speed Clay 2.0 are two products that help us put our best claying foot forward, and it’s the perfect place to start if you’re new claying.

Some Insider Info

  • You can either use a clay bar or claying tool to clay your paint. A claying tool like our Speed Clay 2.0 allows you to get more uses because it lasts longer than a clay bar, and you are also able to clay your vehicle while you wash it.
  • After particle removal, sometimes a stain (like rust) is left behind. In these cases you should follow up your clay job with quality car wax products or your polishing kit.
  • Clay is able to remove paint stains from most hard or shiny surfaces like chrome, and works well on the vehicle’s trim, glass, vinyl, and uncoated matte plastics.
  • Mothers® claying products are safe to use on all automotive paints and have been scientifically formulated to be as gentle as they are effective, reducing the risk of scratching.

Using the Clay Bar

Always use clay on a freshly cleaned surface. This way the clay will concentrate its work on the particles left behind and not end up scratching the vehicle’s paint because it has to contend with excessive dirt.
A layer of detailing spray is required before you can get to claying because it helps the clay glide effortlessly along the surface of your vehicle. Without it, the clay will stick to the paint.
Pro Tip from our Mothers® Pros:

Spray on the detailer in sections as you clay. This will ensure a lubricated surface as you work, with no drying because of time lost claying a previous section.

Mothers® Instant Detailer is ideal for creating a perfect film to assure optimal slippage when claying. Not enough detailer and the clay will stick to the paint. If this happens, simply spray more detailer on the spot and use the clay bar to remove what was left behind.

Detail Tip
Use your clay bar in sections because if you drop it, you’ll have to toss it. Knead it like you’re working Play Doh, using an oval shape about 1cm thick and four fingers wide.