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March 13, 2018
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Car Polish & Waxing

Car wax products are not the same as car polishes. A good polish corrects minor imperfections in your paint job, and wax then enhances and protects the polished surface. This is how you keep your vehicle looking good for longer. Although motor enthusiasts each have their own preference of what to drive and how to drive it, one thing they all do have in common is the passion for that showroom finish. Whether by two wheels or four (or six or eight, you do you), it is a fact universally accepted that car polish & waxing products are the key to not only protecting your vehicle but to achieving that breathtaking gleam like you’ve just driven it fresh off the shop floor.

Tips to Perfecting your Polish & Wax Method

  • Prep, polish, wax. At the very least, your car cleaning equipment should include good quality products that allow you to accomplish this basic aspect of vehicle maintenance. Prepping your car for a polish and wax is the first step, and understanding whether you’re dealing with a single- or multi-stage paint job will inform your entire process. We talk more about the difference in coatings here.
  • Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can begin by giving your car a good and thorough wash down. Polishing over dirt can cause minor abrasions in your top coat and you definitely don’t want that. Work in sections to prevent unwanted water spots, washing and rinsing as you go. Working in a shaded area will keep the vehicle from drying too quickly.
  • Now for the polish. You have two options here - polish by hand, or use a polishing machine. The latter is definitely better for time-saving purposes, while a manual effort returns the highest sense of achievement after all that love you put in. Either way, you want to be sure to use only soft foam applicators and the highest quality car polish. Polishes tend to contain abrasive chemicals that strip away the top layer of your exterior, so the better the polish, the kinder it will be to your car. Keep in mind that more is not better, and only apply a small amount of polish to the pad to avoid build-up. Always use a clean foam pad to prevent working grit and grime into your paint, and as with washing, always work in small, manageable sections.
  • The same goes for waxing - keep to small sections which ensures the product doesn’t sit for too long where it dries up and become a pain to buff off. With waxing, think small battles instead of one great war. Use very thin applications of quality vehicle wax, and repeat the process if you want more shine. It will save you from sitting with too much product that’s a much bigger hassle to buff. It also avoids unsightly streaks, swirls, and uneven application. Both the polish and waxing process takes time, so be sure to set aside a day when you can really get into it. Rushed work will show, and you wouldn’t want that.

Protect & Shine with Mothers

At Mothers we live by the creed that quality is the difference when it comes to car cleaning and polishing. From humble beginnings, our passion for perfection has led to a brand based on only the best quality products so you can achieve the best quality finish every time - from washing to wax sealing. Decades of research has gone into our selection of superior ingredients that form the foundation of our entire range. Think total care for your vehicle. Our high-end California Gold range provides top tier paint care with popular products, like our famous clay bar and Carnauba wax. The Mothers Classic line is filled with products specially formulated to protect your showroom finish, from carpets and leather to plastic and chrome. If you find yourself with less time in your schedule don’t fret, because the products in our Speed range are engineered for efficiency and best results. This is how you save on the elbow grease without sacrificing a gleaming finish. And for those who love a good looking car but don’t necessarily love getting their hands dirty, the Mothers Power range was designed to include all power tools and accessories you need to get the job done. This range holds the power of car cleaning tools and products to achieve an expert finish in the comfort of your own garage. Whatever your car care needs, Mothers has the products, tools, and accessories to get you there. Have a look at the Mothers Catalogue and see just how close you are to the best looking drive of your life.