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January 12, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Car Cleaning Equipment for Cars & Windows

A lick and a spit might give your windows and mirrors the effect of seeming clean, but there are certain rules when it comes to taking proper care of your vehicle’s glass. The car wash products you decide to use could end up ruining a window’s tint and discoloring surrounding surfaces, or giving you a showroom shine that turns heads. We think it’s obvious the outcome you would like, and so here are those rules we mentioned…

The Product

Firstly, no ammonia. This aggressive chemical strips window tints and will damage surrounding surfaces. Mothers® Speed Foaming Glass & Screen Cleaner is mild but effective. The perfect choice. It cuts through grime, dirt, bugs, and bird poop like it’s nobody’s business. It’s free from ammonia, safe to use on tinted surfaces, and won’t drip or streak – a true celebrity among waterless car wash products.

The Cloth

We can admire the manly man in everyone, but not even a caveman would use paper towels on his windows. If he had them. A decent car cleaning cloth is the only option here. Microfiber or 100% cotton. That’s it. No compromise. The interior tint is sensitive and should be handled like a baby to avoid scratches.

Detail Tip
Wrap your cloth around the end of a paint stick, spritz with interior car wash product, and tackle hard-to- reach corners of the windshield.

The Technique

Instead of spraying the entire glass, and being left to worry about even distribution and premature drying, apply the spray to your cleaning cloth. This way you will be able to achieve a proper clean without the pressure of watching product dry on another section before you’ve finished the one you’re currently on.
Once you’ve finished the entire glass, take a clean cotton towel and go over it one more time. This will get rid of whatever streaks may have been left from the initial clean, and that a used towel won’t be able to eradicate.

Bonus: Removing Water Spots

Exterior glass doesn’t have much protection from the elements, so when water sits on it for extended periods, spots develop that are impossible to remove with regular car wash products. Mothers® Water Spot Remover is specially formulated to do what few products can, and acting in much the same way as car polish, it will remove water spots from exterior glass or at the very least, reduce the sight of them.