Mothers Car Polish, Wax & Cleaner | About us & our car care products

About Us

Quality Makes All the Difference

Coming from humble beginnings, Mothers® is a brand that shares our customers’ love for cars,
and we strive to show that love through high quality products and top tier service.


Our story begins with the little tub that could—a tub of mag and aluminum polish introduced to market in the 70s, when alloy wheels were all the rage with car enthusiasts. Such was the impression of our unique polish that brought back the shine to customers’ wheels that the demand increased for a product that would do the same for their paint.

After much testing, our California Gold Cleaner & Wax formula was developed, and since then there’s been no looking back. Mothers® now has over 70 unique products in our range—from the best grade Carnauba waxes to micro-fiber towels—ensuring the highest quality in total car care.

Product Promise

At Mothers® we know that quality makes all the difference, and that is why we’ve spent decades building our reputation on solid research, superior ingredients, and a passion for perfection. All of these have helped us produce high quality products specifically formulated to give you the best results with every use.

Local Distribution - Carter

Carter holds superior quality in high regard and has made this their main focus when choosing lifestyle brands to partner with. The expansive growth of Mothers® in the niche car care market is what got Carter’s attention. The shared passion for cars and high-end products is what prompted Carter to establish a relationship and distribute their high performance car care products locally.

The dedication to the brand, and high degree of attention to detail shown in each product made it easy for Carter to embrace Mothers® as one of its lifestyle brands. Now, thanks to Carter’s distribution, all car lovers in Africa have access to the top quality care solution offered by Mothers®, with the world of showroom finishes at their fingertips.